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This hunky Grinch is about to meet his match.

My holiday season in Deepwood Mountain gets a whole lot brighter when I win Troy Lawson, a former soldier who’s drifted his way into town, at the charity auction.

As the merriest clerk of Nolan’s General Store with a love for all things Christmas, I see this as my chance to sprinkle some festive cheer on the grump of the century.

With a disdain for yuletide spirit as cold as the mountain air, Troy’s a tough nut to crack. But I’m not afraid to take on a challenge, especially when it comes wrapped in a burly, brooding package—with haunting green eyes.

Decorating the store together? Check.

Snowed in overnight? Unexpected, but check.

Melting his icy exterior? I’m working on it.

The more time we spend together, the more I’m struck by the warmth hidden beneath his rough exterior. And when the snow forces us to spend the night in the store, I realize this grumpy loner might just be the best gift I never knew I needed.

If only he would stay in Deepwood for good…

Scrooged is a short, steamy, instalove romance set in the small town of Deepwood Mountain, Montana. It’s the first in a spin-off series featuring various holiday themes. Enjoy!

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