His Big Spark

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His Big Spark

Series: Deepwood Mountain

He’s a smoking hot electrician with impeccable taste in luxury cars. 

And I’m his new obsession. 

With his rugged charm and mischievous smile, Gavin Layne can light up the darkest corners of this mountain town. 

And when his Bentley breaks down, he’s not expecting to be rescued by the likes of me — a cynical woman with thick thighs, the mouth of a sailor, and enough ink to scare off most self-respecting men. 

I’m here in Deepwood seeking refuge, and forgiveness from my grandmother. I’ve got no time for another hustler to yank my chain, especially one who has a daughter my age and a life that reads like a roadmap of fleeting encounters.

But Gavin’s unlike any man I’ve met, and his searing touch ignites something inside me I thought had been snuffed out. He says he’s captivated by my strength, my curves, and the mysteries that lurk beneath my tough exterior. 

Yeah, right.

The last time I trusted a sweet-talking man, he turned out to be the devil himself.

Still, those midnight blue eyes are wearing down my defenses. 

Then my past rears its ugly head.

Will he stay to fight alongside me, or speed off to his next worldly pursuit?

Welcome to Deepwood Mountain, Montana, a small town where six best friends with big dreams went from blue-collar bad boys to big shot millionaires. But you know what they say about success… it’s lonely at the top. All these men need is a woman to claim, protect, and treat like a queen. Are you ready for the mountain men of Deepwood?

His Big Spark is a short, steamy, instalove romance with a curvy, tattooed, and jaded heroine who can’t help but fall for the possessive golden retriever hero intent on giving her the life she deserves.

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