His Big Rope

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His Big Rope

Series: Deepwood Mountain

He’s the rough, rowdy, and wildly sexy cowboy of my dreams.

And he’s my sister’s ex-boyfriend.

I fell hard for Reece Callahan the moment he tipped his hat to me from atop his sweet palomino.

Those sun-crinkled green eyes. That deep husky drawl. The strong, broad shoulders…

What red-blooded woman could resist a man like that?

None. Case in point, my sister.

Thankfully, I had to leave Deepwood Mountain to begin my studies in veterinary medicine.

But now I’m back in town, looking to open an animal sanctuary.

Reece and my sister have long since broken up, but getting together with her ex? That’s a hard no. There are rules.

Besides, he’s old enough to be my dad and he’s made his millions off the cattle industry. It would never work between us.

Still, one glance my way and I’d volunteer to get tied up in his big rope. I mean, it is already tethered around my heart.

Welcome to Deepwood Mountain, Montana, a small town where six best friends with big dreams went from blue-collar bad boys to big shot millionaires. But you know what they say about success… it’s lonely at the top. All these men need is a woman to claim, protect, and treat like a queen. Are you ready for the mountain men of Deepwood?

His Big Rope is a short, steamy, instalove romance with two obsessed, pining fools. But fear not, this bleeding-heart animal lover and dirty-talking cowboy with a heart of gold will ride off into the sunset for their happily ever after.

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