His Big Pipe

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His Big Pipe

Series: Deepwood Mountain

He’s a big grumpy mountain man who prefers his peace and quiet.

And I’m his noisy new neighbor.

My favorite grandmother leaves me enough money in her will to start over from a laundry list of my failed ventures. 

So when the Deepwood Inn comes up for sale, I jump at the opportunity to finally do something to make her proud.

Too bad I’m in way over my head.

As the problems stack up, my hopes of running a successful B&B turn into a nightmare.

Now I’m low on funds, and Sully O’Neill, the hot older grump of a plumber next door, is on a warpath.

If only I could get him to fix my pipes instead of grumbling about all the racket. 

But when he finds out I can cook, we strike up a deal.

And it comes with more benefits than just laying the pipe at the Inn. 

Yet, can a connection built on dumplings keep a surly recluse and a social butterfly together…forever?

Welcome to Deepwood Mountain, Montana, a small town where six best friends with big dreams went from blue-collar bad boys to big shot millionaires. But you know what they say about success… it’s lonely at the top. All these men need is a woman to claim, protect, and treat like a queen. Are you ready for the mountain men of Deepwood?

His Big Pipe is a short, steamy, instalove romance with a determined but slightly scatterbrained heroine and a hunky grouch of a hero that find solace in Chinese food, well laid pipes, and each other.

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