His Big Hammer

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His Big Hammer

Series: Deepwood Mountain

He’s a big burly contractor with a reputation for perfection.

And he’s my new boss.

I’m thrilled to be given the chance to design a vacation lodge on the slopes of Deepwood Mountain. And getting to work with Nick Fletcher, a legend in the business, is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Until I meet the giant jerkface. Sure, he’s a USDA Grade A beefcake who knows how to swing his big hammer. But really, he’s just an insufferable old brute determined to drive me away.

Well, Nick’s got another thing coming if he thinks I’m going to let him ruin my chance to make a name for myself as an up and coming designer.

I’m ready for battle.

Even if playing dirty with my big gruff boss is more fun than I expected.

Sigh. He’s got me nailed. I’m such a goner.

Welcome to Deepwood Mountain, Montana, a small town where six best friends with big dreams went from blue-collar bad boys to big shot millionaires. But you know what they say about success… it’s lonely at the top. All these men need is a woman to claim, protect, and treat like a queen. Are you ready for the mountain men of Deepwood?

His Big Hammer is a short, steamy, instalove romance with a naive but scrappy heroine, a snarky mega-grouch hero, and a swoon-worthy happily ever after.

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