His Big Axe

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His Big Axe

He’s a brawny lumberjack as masterfully cut as the wood under his axe.

And he’s my best friend’s dad.

I’ve had a crush on Logan Everett ever since Blair brought me home to Deepwood Mountain for Spring Break of our freshman year.

The man is ridiculously tall, chiseled, and the posterboy for the strong silent type. And I want to climb him like a big Montana pine.

I’m here for the summer, but it’s not like anything will happen. Besides being totally off limits, Logan’s nearly twice my age and way out of my freckles and frizzy-haired league.

If only I could convince my lovesick heart that we’re not meant to be.

Timber. It’s hopeless. I’m falling fast and hard.

Welcome to Deepwood Mountain, Montana, a small town where six best friends with big dreams went from blue-collar bad boys to big shot millionaires. But you know what they say about success… it’s lonely at the top. All these men need is a woman to claim, protect, and treat like a queen. Are you ready for the mountain men of Deepwood?

His Big Axe is a short, steamy, instalove romance with a not so innocent heroine, a giant cinnamon roll hero, and a well-deserved happily ever after.

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