Cuffed by the Sheriff

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Cuffed by the Sheriff

Series: Husky Valley

He’s the extra thick…long arm of the law.

And I’m the hellion looking for a better life.

Headed to my brother’s place in Deepwood Mountain, I hit a patch of ice that sends me straight into a snowy ditch.

But it’s not the ditch that’s the problem—it’s the big, brooding sheriff who rescues me. 

Sure, I shouldn’t have lied about my identity and tried to run. I panicked, you know?

Because Sheriff Quinn’s intense. Older and serious. Authoritative. Did I mention big?

And as the snowfall turns into a blizzard, we’re forced to wait it out in an empty cabin nearby. 

Close quarters bring out the man beneath the tough exterior—his pain, his dreams…his kinks

Um yeah, I’m…smitten. 

All I want is to soothe his aching desires.

But will he take a chance on this troublemaker once the storm has passed? 

Cuffed by the Sheriff is a short, steamy instalove, starring a stern and rugged sheriff and the fiery rebel who wants to mend his heart.

If you prefer men with more meat on their bones, Husky Valley’s got just what you need. These men are large and in charge, and looking for that one special woman who can handle all they have to offer. So head over to Husky Valley, where big-hearted boys get the love they deserve and more.

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